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What is massage therapy all about?

Massage therapy is a drug-free holistic healing for the purpose of restoring or maintaining balance within and among the various systems of the body and mind.

What can A1 Singapore Massage Agency offer?

A1 Singapore Massage Agency can offer visiting Sensual Tantra Massage service (Singapore Style) exclusively in Singapore.

Tantra massage is an unforgettable experience that deepens the passion and intimacy - the power of sensual touch and the art of receiving.

A full body massage using Tantra method is sensationally intended to relax and build total awareness of one’s sexual energy.

A Sensual Tantra Massage session may surrender you to a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to. As a bare body is recommend in helping prepare for the Tantra ritual of female therapist paying special care to the sensitive spots.

A highly sensual and erotic experience of one, that’s accepting pleasure without having to actively participate.

About Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage has been practised for over 5000 years. This ancient art from the East is said to calm the organs as well as the mind. Once we discover how to turn off the mind, we open ourselves up to a whole new sensual world where the way we feel takes precedence over the way we think.

The body’s natural healing process works at its best when the mind is disengaged. Removing logical thoughts, allowing a blissful peace to enter our being; this peaceful energy removes unwanted stress from each part of the body. Tantra Massage leads us towards peace and then releases us into a state of bliss.

When the body is nurtured and pampered, the spirit also gathers strength. As Tantra Massage transforms our sexual energy into a force that is positive, other areas of our lives are affected in positive ways. When the body is fulfilled, the mind makes more efficient decisions.

Tantra Massage is a full body sensual massage. When the pleasure receptors in the body are engaged, our inner awareness expands. Our fulfillment is deeper than before, we understand and respect more the desires of our body.

Tantra Massage gives power to the body because it understands the natural rhythm that is within every individual. Our inner self and sensuality craves attention. At first we find it difficult to relax and surrender to pleasure, at first we feel that loss of control will render us weak. But a deeper inner strength emerges when we experience honour and respect for our inner self. Massage stokes can be done fast or slow, but in terms of their effect, the slower, the better! The reason for this is that the natural response to be touched causes the nervous system to see if this is a treat. Once you allow time for the nervous system to establish that you are in no harm, and in safe hands, true relaxation can occur.

Benefits of Singapore Style Sensual Tantra massage

Our Sensual Tantra massage stokes is done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole body. A blissful feeling of relaxation is produced; this in turn helps reduce the effects of stress allowing the heart rate and respiration to drop and reducing blood pressure. Increased circulation is another benefit of Tantra massage, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to your whole body, as well as stimulating the movement of lymph fluid thus detoxifying waste from the body. Another benefit during the Tantra massage is that the release of endorphins is stimulated, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, which also allow a sense of well being, pain relief and levels of stress chemicals such as cortisol and noradrenalin are reduced, so as well as a physical contentment. A Tantra massage therapy massage can also leave your mind and spirit rejuvenated.

A intense relaxation - Singapore Tantric Four Hands Massage Style

At A1 Singapore Massage Agency, we do not just offer one-to-one but two-to-one Sensual Tantric Massage.

Tantric Massage with one female therapist is relaxing, but with two female therapists is intensively mind blowing. The brain can track where one therapist’s hands is and so likely to touch but two therapists’ hands completely confuse the brain and each erotic touch is completely unexpected. Your skin goes into a heightened state sending waves of pleasure from each caress; it literally feels like you have 10 hands all over your body.

If you are curious about how Singapore Sensual Tantric Massage techniques can help you, simply call us at (+65) 8238 7729 or contact us online. We can call you back when it's convenient to you. We can have a chat and we can satisfy any of your curiosities.

A complete relaxation - Lingam Massage

A1 Singapore Massage Agency offers Lingam Massage, this is not masturbation and it is far from that. Lingam Massage is a series of massage techniques performed by your female therapist on the lingam.

The word lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis, other wise knows as wand of light or magic wand.

At A1 Singapore Massage Agency, the Lingam Massage uses techniques and movements to stimulate all areas of the genitalia including inner and outer thighs, it consists of twirls, single handed movements, double handed techniques, shiatsu pressure points, lighter strokes to the more intense motions. The lingam massage can be used as a tool of pleasure or a tool of learning to improve control of sexual energy.

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