FAQ - A1 X Singapore Massage Agency Questions and Answers

What can I expect?

  • You can expect all sessions to be confidential

  • Hygiene and cleanliness of female therapist guaranteed

  • Our backgrounds and training are all authentic and can be proven

  • We really do everything we say we do

What would be recommended for someone who’s new?

Tantra massage is all about making decisions that feel right and natural to you. The advice we would give to someone who is engaging us for the first time would be to have a good look at our website and pick a treatment. Really think about what you are looking for from a session with us. If you are you looking for the ultimate relaxation experience then we would suggest a two hours session. If a two hours session is too much for your pocket then try a one hour.

What is your operating hours?

We offer 24 hours outcall services daily.

Why do you take my mobile phone number or landline number when booking a session?

We take your number when booking is to give us some way of contacting you if we need to rearrange your session. There are also scenarios where our customer service operator or female therapist needs to reconfirm the address with you. We do not sell or share phone numbers with any other organizations and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. 

Do you have any special offers?

Yes, we do. You can click here for monthly

Is touching allowed during a session?

It is an important principal of Tantra massage that lovers take turns to pleasure each other so that each person has the opportunity to fully appreciate the sensation and energy lavished upon them. During the session, the female therapist will direct your actions and may well ask you to touch her especially in ways that connect your important body points together. If you feel at any point you would like to touch your female therapist, feel free to ask in a polite respectful way. Please don't be upset if your female therapist says no and understand her answer is final.

Is there anything special I should bring or anything I should do before a session?

You may want to brush your teeth and a short shower before she arrives as you will be working on a face to face and body exercise with your female therapist and she will appreciate your fresh breath and clean body.

How far does the session go?

Tantra is all about making your sexual energy rise and then using that energy to invigorate your body and your mind. Obviously if our female therapist touches a man in a way that makes him feel uncomfortable or pushes his boundaries it will stop that vital flow of sexual energy. So our female therapist will simply go as far as a male client feels comfortable with, this is all discussed at the beginning of the session.

Your sessions are very expensive, are they worth the money?

Our service offers a short period of true love and affection from our beautiful and caring female therapists. We believe it is the quality of orgasm that counts, not the way in which it is reached. By using the ancient arts of Tantra, you should be able to experience the pleasure and healing benefits of a full body orgasm. The orgasm will last longer and the building process will ensure your full potential in velocity, as we said it is the quality of orgasm we focus on.