Client Testimonials for the Year 2013

Updated Testimonials – November 2013

Enjoyed the massage very much. I often get massaged during business trips and this one was a really good one.

Updated Testimonials – September 2013

Nelly & Paulina are two of the most welcoming, kind, understanding and beautiful people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I had a four-hand massage. I was made most comfortable, relaxed and attention was taken during the massage to ensure I was comfortable and happy.

Some places rush the services but they don’t. Ladies therapist looks after you very well and I have remained loyal since day one.

Updated Testimonials – July 2013

I engaged A1 massage service for the first time yesterday and ended very impressed. Levina was friendly and very professional in her relaxing Tantra massage. I am a jogger, so I especially appreciated the way that she included some stretching into my massage. After a few hours, all the stiffness and soreness in my legs was gone! I highly recommend Levina to anyone and especially to athletes or any guys that are concerned about a smaller therapist's ability to massage dense muscle mass effectively. Definitely not a problem with her. 

Updated Testimonials – May 2013

I saw Nari the other day as I was desperately in need of a firm massage with sensual element. She performed an awesome massage and is very good at what she does - delivered as advertised. She is professional and a great conversationalist during the massage and adjusts her pressure to your needs. I felt great for a few days following our visit and I will definitely be repeating! She is excellent, especially if you're looking for a no-nonsense, 'get out the knots' type massage!! 

Updated Testimonials – March 2013

The lady came was Kimberly, she seems very respectful and sweet from the start and it just felt personal. Once she had arrived at my place, we sat down to get to know each other, which is a first for me, other times I have received a massage, it was a get in get out situation. After we got to know one another, she explained the rules, the do's and don’ts. She started her massage with some light touches around the neck and face. Just from that, I knew this would be one of the best, if not the best massages I will ever received and indeed it was. Then came the oil on my back and she just went with the flow and never went too hard, which I like. There were a few times we conversed, but for the most part it was silent, which was nice. It allowed me to just close my eyes and be completely serene and relaxed. I could describe this to the most excruciatingly specific detail, but that wouldn't matter as each session is tailored to the one receiving the massage. This was my experience and it won't be like the one others have. I highly recommend a massage from her, as it is so well built around making me feel amazing that I don't want others to think my experience is the only experience. I am sold on how good she is and has now made her my primary therapist to call for a massage.

Updated Testimonials – January 2013

Cory has the healing touch for sure. I did a 90 min Tantra session with her and it was beautifully released and intense in the best way. She takes her time with you and is all about the healing. She is talented at what she does. I'm so glad I did a session with her. It opened up so much room in me for beautiful things to happen in my life. Thank you for such a great experience.